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Description: PAWFUME Dog Grooming and Finishing Spray with conditioners and detanglers was designed and created to bring a sensible price point to this category of grooming supplies. This top quality product was formulated with a dog’s safety and comfort in mind. No longer is it necessary to spend 2-6 times as much on a finishing spray in order to achieve an easy comb out, and a long lasting pleasant fragrance when the dog leaves your care. This product is currently marketed in Family Dollar and Fred's Variety Stores for a price of $2 per 6oz bottle. PAWFUME has been sold to 1,200,000 customers nationwide. There have been no reported cases of allergic reactions and only one minor complaint for every 600,000 bottles sold (you cant make everyone happy). That should give you the confidence to both utilize PAWFUME in your grooming process and also resell the product directly to your clients. PAWFUME competes directly with other pet grooming sprays selling for $6-$12 per bottle. The conditioners and detanglers being utilized in the PAWFUME product are identical in quality and quantity to the more expensive products. We also feel that our fragrance is as good or better than the more expensive items. Our fragrance lasts as long or longer than the higher priced products. So please go out and try a bottle of PAWFUME. You will only be investing $2 in a product that will save you money and make your clients happy. You will also be supporting a product made in the USA. If you have any questions or comments you can reach us at or at 219-879-2500 during business hours.




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