Packaging Group Corp. is an FDA licensed food facility #16818600148.

Packaging Group has environmentally controlled food grade packaging suites to fill food products. Our automated packaging lines can fill liquid beverages in spouted pouches and tall thin metal cans. We also fill beverage concentrates and sauces into pouches/sachets.

Packaging Group is also filling solid dose lozenges/gum/mints/candy with automated filling lines that accurately count the units required and fill into bottles, jars and tins.

Packaging Group Corp. maintains a detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and operates with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as required by the FDA.Packaging Group Corp. is also an excellent choice as a primary packager/manufacturer, for non-regulated products that require an FDA controlled room environment, and FDA level paperwork procedures.

Packaging Group also provides hand assembly for intricate and detailed assembly of displays and kits in both standard packaging suites and suites with controlled environments. We can help you source many of the packaging materials locally to help keep your costs down.



FDA Food Filling

  1. Spouted Pouch Filling
  2. Can Filling
  3. Pouch/Sachet Filling
  4. Candy/Gum/Mint Filling
  5. Display Packout

Packaging Group Corp. is an FDA licensed Drug Establishment Re-packager # 150602183. We specialize in secondary FDA packaging of regulated products.
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Spouted pouches are the newest and most innovative method of liquid packaging. Spouted pouches are both economical and environmentally friendly.  More information >

A Form Fill & Seal pouch is formed by heat sealing the edges of laminated film. The pouch prevents air from entering or exiting, so the product inside remains fresh and ready to use.  More information >

Packaging Group utilizes an Enflex F-14 Specialty Towelette Form Fill & Seal machine. The Enflex is designed to place a wide range of towel types and sizes in a broad range of pouch dimensions.  More information >

Packaging Group has been blending and filling non-food liquids into bottles and cans since 1990. We can handle both large straight-forward projects and small unusual projects.  More information >

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